Friday, July 4, 2008

Uncle Shiggy

When Sean comes to town its not just a happy day for the kids...its like a party in progress, all of us share good times with Sean. Jim and Sean went dirt bike riding at the dunes and Kelly Canyon, he took the boys to the carousel and splash park, and me to Rigby Lake and Ririe Reservoir! We love you SEAN!

Our visitor from out of town...

Our close friend Dustin Snyder got married in the SLC temple last Friday, we went down for the sealing and reception. Everyone knows if you have kids you have to plan the whole trip around entertaining them or it can be a very very long trip...that can push you to the brink of we decided to drive down the day before and take the boys to the Hogle Zoo.
It worked out perfect, and the zoo was great! We were very impressed at how small children friendly it was and how clean. The boys had a blast! After a long day at the Zoo in 95 degree heat, we were all hungry and tired...and even though we were out of Rexburg in a city full of great restaurants...the thought of sitting down and wrestling the two boys was not appealing. So we looked up pizza to pick-up and take to our Hotel. The closest one was California Pizza Kitchen so that was the place! We went to Gateway Mall to place the order, and found a wonderful shopping mall. I think if Jim knew we were heading in the vacinity of an outdoor mall he might have driven the opposite direction! It was so fun, we ended up eating there outside and while we were enjoying this "gourmet" pizza (if pizza can really be gourmet)I got a call from Sean, he had flown into SLC and was there at the Gateway Mall!!!!!
The boys love Sean, and were so excited to see him, the mall was great too. They had an outdoor band playing at the Olympic Memorial Splash Park, huge hit for the kids in the heat! We headed back to the Hotel and took the boys to the huge indoor/outdoor pool, it was beautiful! It sat on the 2nd or 3rd floor so you had this incredible view of the sunset and city, the pool had to be 80 degrees but as the sun went down it got cold fast and the heated pool felt sooo good. Let me tell you having another set of hands is soooo nice. Sean took Connor, I had Preston and Jim was setting things up at the room, like a place for Sean to sleep.
Dustins sealing was beautiful, it was awesome to see him so happy! Sean surprised Dustin outside the temple, he had no idea Sean was coming. It was a great 2 days, and it went by so quickly, the boys were so good.