Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving...

I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas all year! It has become a tradition for my siblings (my brothers) to come for the Holiday. We have so much fun. Days are filled with football, dirt bike rides, and A LOT of late nights playing XBox or Wii. Every year the Holidays pass too quickly and I am always wishing we had more time to play!

This year was a nice change because usually I make the whole Thanksgiving feast by myself, which leaves me exhausted by the time we eat and a bit stressed...but this year...everyone wanted to by involved. David made pies, yes, I know, my David baked from scratch all the pies! Staci made the salads, which I am so excited to try, I love new recipes, she made a cranberry salad and a macaroni salad. Jess made "Corner Crusties", you all know it as Green Bean Casserole. Sean was insistant that he did the Turkey, so I taught him how to do the Turkey. This year we brined the Turkey (Alton Brown recipe) then put apples, onion and an assortment of spices inside the bird after 5 min in the micro. The aroma is heavenly and I am anxious to try it. Usually I am not eager to try new recipes on major occasions but I felt a little daring and I can always blame it on Sean. heehee. Anyway, Jim is doing the potatoes, and I am doing the gravy, candied yams, cranberry-orange sauce, and Stuffing!