Monday, March 30, 2009

My 1st adjustment

Jim sees the Chiropractor regularly, but I had never been adjusted. After each pregnancy my back feels like a wreck. So I told Jim I would like to get adjusted before my back pain begins...
My 1st appointment was last week, I was really looking forward to it, not only for some relief but also to get a better idea of exactly Jim would be doing as a Chiropractor.
I was shocked at at how much I cracked, popped, and creaked as he moved me this way and that. It felt good, and I didn't even think I was so out of alignment! His goal is to relieve some of my nausea/vomiting, soreness and headaches associated with pregnancy. I thought shoot if I could get any relief even if it in the smallest degree it would be wonderful. I have kept an open and very positive mind.
Today was my 2nd appointment and my headaches have completely ended. Yea! I have 2-3 appointments a week, Dr. White wants to treat me my whole pregnancy. I am excited that this pregnancy I will not have as much lower back pain through adjustments and possibly have some of my nausea alleviated. I will keep you posted.

More good news, Preston is completely potty trained!!!! I know may seem silly, but when its your first time, with your first seems huge! No more diapers, 1 down 1 to go...until the new little babe is here. He has had the "potty" part down for a long time now...we were struggling with having accidents at night in his "overnighter". So we required that he wore "overnighters" until he could wake up and go or keep them dry till morning. We have been successful. He has done a great job, and is so excited to no longer need "overnighters".
Connor of course is excited to do anything Preston does and has already tried using the potty, I think he will be trained sooner. Oh, the simple accomplishments can bring you so much joy with children! ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sad update

My Uncle received his lab results from his brain surgery to remove a tumor. We had been fearful the results would not be good, but I don't think we were prepared to hear the prognosis. He has stage 4 brain cancer. He has been given 6-18months to live, if he chooses to be treated with chemo he will live closer to 18 months, if not 6. This had been a harsh reality for our family and extended family. My heart aches for him, his children, my aunt, and my grandma who has already lost her youngest son and husband. Our thoughts and prayers are with them daily.

My mother just told me that her father, my Grandpa Mike's cancer has returned. He has a large mass in his chest. He is continuing treatment and returns to town weekly. In hearing this sad news, I am very grateful that we are returning to Portland soon. I want to have as much time with him as I can..and build as many memories with him.

My dear grandfather Haney died from cancer 3 years ago, I have so many wonderful memories with him. My grandma and grandpa Haney are incredible grandparents! I have been so blessed to spend endless days on their farm serving them. My relationship with them and memories are ones I will treasure forever. I have realized as I have lost people dear to me that its not death that I fear and hate...but rather the longing and lose of no longer having them there and missing them terribly. I know one day through the beautiful plan of our heavenly father that we will be reunited as a family...and that knowledge warms my heart on days when the longing is hard to bear.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


The things I want to remember about Connor at 18 months!

1. Your sense of humor! At 18 months I am constantly amazed at how aware you are of your family and what will make us laugh. You have so many facial expressions, great dance moves, and great ideas for fun!
2. I love that you give me real kisses.
3. The fact that your favorite movie is "Kung Fu Panda" fits you soooo well! He loves to touch your finger to his and say "da doosh"
4. It is so cute to watch you learn from Preston, your like his little shadow trying to figure out how he does everything...I love how smart you are and how eager you are to learn!
5. You catch on very quickly, we will teach you a new animal sound or how to do something once and you got it down!
6. I love that you know to help, I can ask you to get a diaper, your snuggly,sippy, etc., and you run off to find it. You even help clean up your toys!
7. I love that you have your daddy's eye shape, your mommies eye color, and platinum blond hair!
8. At 18 months you have 10 teeth, love to give '5', and knucks. You have a huge vocabulary! You even tell me when your poopy and look for things as little fuzz or as big as your dirty diaper to throw in the garbage You love go down for naps and bedtime with out a sound. You love books and bring us many to read you each day.

I love you Connor! I can't believe how fast you are growing up. Every night after we have put you and Preston to bed and laugh and talk about what joy you both make us laugh everyday! We love you!

Big News...

Well we have been waiting to share some really exciting news...aside from another baby on the way which we are so excited about....this news is even bigger...

Jim got accepted to Chiropractic school in Portland, OR at Western States Chiropractic College!!!!! He starts this Fall semester, and will be working on his Master's in Sports Medicine along with his Doctorate in Chiropractic. We will be moving the end of August! Jim has a passion for Anatomy and the Human Body, I am excited to see him pursue something he loves. Many of you know that he worked for BYU-Idaho as the head Teaching Assistant of Anatomy and Physiology. He is very talented and knowledgeable of the Human body...this is a great opportunity for him!

We had been feeling prompted that Jim needed to continue his education. This was a very hard decision since we have had a wonderful experience with the Robison's at The Legacy Network. Working with the Robisons has been a huge blessing and we have grown to love Jim's co-workers like family. We not only have a working relationship with many of them we also have great friendships, and spend lots of time together outside of work. We are hoping to continue to work for Legacy in Portland. It will be hard to leave Rexburg but we are excited for the future!

Now the hunt for housing, ahh, luckily with the market the way it is there are some amazing deals of homes in some of my favorite locations. Of course our parents want us to stay in their area...which we will probably do. I am a little nervous to leave Rexburg, it has been a wonderful place to live and start a family. I love how safe it is, we have both received our Bachelors from BYU-I here and have raised 2 children. Change is always a good thing and I am looking forward to the road ahead.

We are so very excited...we have lived away from family for 8 years. As some of our family members are aging, battling cancer, and other medical problems we are so grateful to be closer to them, and able to spend more time with them through these times.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th

Jim's birthday was yesterday, he turned the big '31', we had David and Staci watch the boys and we went out to Blue Hashi for some awesome Sushi. We had a great time just the two of is so weird being able to leave the boys. We are having his party today. Yesterday should have been a day of celebration but instead it seemed it was filled with bad news, goodbyes, and mourning.

My mom called me sobbing sharing the news ... My dad had to put down our dear friend and companion Hunter on the 12th. He was my dads best friend for over 11 years and lived an awesome life. Jim and I took Hunter everywhere with us as we were dating, he was a member of our family that we will miss greatly. He went hiking all over the Columbia River Gorge with us, tubed, rafted, kayaked, and pontooned the Clackamas river, fished, camped, 4x4ing, dirtbiking, hunting, played at the coast and ocean, visited and went with us everywhere...he even went to work with me. We got him my 1st year away to college he was an English Labrador with incredible personality and disposition. Some animals become members of the family that are greatly loved and so very hard to say goodbye to. He will be missed...
My grandma had to put our dog Scout down last week on the 6th. He had become a great companion to her since my grandfathers death 3 years ago this month.

I heard that my uncle who had brain surgery on the 12th has brain cancer, they aren't sure of the severity and won't have all the tests back until next Friday.
I had to say goodbye (well not goodbye but see you soon) to a dear friend of mine who moved yesterday back home to Texas. There are some people you meet that you feel an instant connection to, they feel like family and no matter where they move to or how much time passes you can just pick up where you left off. Thank you Jess for all your love. My boys will miss you are like family and are always welcome in our home anytime! We hope to see you soon...

I am not a crier but did shed a lot of tears this week. I hope next week is better.
On a happier note, two of my dear friends had babies this week, that always makes me smile, both had boys and both are doing great! ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Third times a charm?

Its true, at one point I would have said absolutely not, I am having all boys and that is that! In thinking this may be our last, I am pleading that this pregnancy brings a little girl into our family. So far I am completely optimistic that we are HAVING a GIRL! I mean anyone that knows me well knows that I have horrible pregnancies and absolutely hate being pregnant. I threw up until the hour Preston was born, with Connor I was hospitalized from throwing up so much (dehydration) you can understand that my lack of worshiping the porcelain god this time around can only conclude that it must be a GIRL!!!!! My grandma had 3 boys and assures me that the most pleading and prayer can still yield a boy...but I am hopeful. Please don't get me wrong I would love another boy too...but I do have hope there is a girl in my future. I am due November 8th, but with a 3rd "C" I will probably schedule it the end of October. I went into labor 11days early with Connor...they try to avoid that happening. We are super excited...this year has and will bring a lot of change! Yeah!! ;)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Con-Man

Connor is our animated child, he has a great sense of humor and is very ornery. He reminds me of his uncle Kevin a lot. He usually is the instigator of fights with Preston and has no trouble holding his own. He is tenacious and hilarious. You can show him something once and he's got it. He wants to do everything Preston is doing and is fascinated with the bathroom, and gumballs. He uses his utensils so well for his age, and says two syllable words very well. Bathroom, popcorn, gumballs, are some of his favorites. He can give "5" and knucks, he loves dancing and has really great moves. He recently learned the word "no" and has used it very well in telling me exactly what he won't be doing...ah that is my Connor! ;)

A funny story...We dance a lot in the kitchen while I am making dinner and I kept saying to Preston to shake his money maker. Well later that night after bath time, Preston told Jim he has coins in his bum, Jim looked at me and at first I had no idea what Preston was talking about except that he loves to talk about anything relating to the potty. Then he said its his money maker!! We laughed so things they associate!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Month of babies!

Something was definitely in the water last June/July...I can think of many of our friends or family that are pregnant and I want them all to know I am thinking about them everyday! Crazy thing is the ones due this month are almost all having boys...and the ones due in April are having girls! ;)
1. Rachel Haney- April (#2-girl Londyn Noel)
2. Heather- March 8th (#5- Benjamin Michael)
3. Levi- March (#1&2-twin boys)
4. Sarah- March 12th (#3-Finnley Aaron)
5. Michelle- March (#3- Adrian Russell)
6. Randy- April (#1- Brennlyn)
7. Melissa- March (#2-Samuel Quinn)
8. Audrey- July (#2-Madelyn)
9. Ashley- October (#1-??)
10. Allison- May- (#1-girl)
11. Lynn- June (#5-??)
12. Carolyn- June (#2-??)
13. Jan- May (#2- Ryan)
14. ME- October (#3-??) I am crossing my fingers that its a GIRL!