Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Check out the new designs...

New designs for 2008! Please visit my updated website with new pictures. and my Etsy shop:

I would love your feedback, let me know what you think. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Connor's Birthday

This video is so cute, Connor has hilarious expressions! Here are a few on his special day...


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David and I outside the Hinckley Building at BYU-Idaho, right before the ceremony, taken April 24, 2004. Man, that day felt so good! I graduated with my Bachelor's in Health Science, minor in biology and business.

What is up with this...

Ok, so I am almost a firm believer that, and call me crazy, but I think the 'Flu' shot causes the flu. The only time my children have had the flu is immediately following the shot. I know it can cause a fever, but is it really supposed to induce vomitting too. It is becoming a real annoyance...and a strange coincidence that it happens everytime. So I want your ideas...does this happen to anyone elses children?? Does anyone else experience this? Or is everyone smart and just not get the darn thing?
Jim and I struggled really hard this year in doing the shot and I don't think we would except the boys have their yearly physical right at the time they begin administering the shots, so we get bombarded with another question about another vaccine(I do believe in vaccinating), which I am never prepared for. We quickly discussed it without much time to think and timidly agreed, second guessing the rash decision after it was made...and now we are paying for it! Next shot for us!

Any ideas, anyone?

Anyone interested....

We are selling our 2006 Honda Accord EX-L, our family is quickly outgrowing the Honda, it is an awesome car. Jim wants to get a truck which would be a good thing to have. The Honda doesn't get driven in the Winter, Jim only drives it to and from work maybe 4 miles a day. So it has super low miles 17,000. So if you are interested or know of anyone that would be send them our way, if we don't sell it soon we are just going to trade it in on a truck. Here is some info about it:

Alabaster Silver exterior
Black Leather interior
Heated Seats
Dual climate control
XM Radio
Power Everything
All weather mats
In excellent condition, hardly driven.

New Windows

I have new vinyl windows! Ok, if you already have vinyl windows then you should count your blessings! We had these horrible straight from the 70's, metal, double paned, awful windows, that rattled and shook when the wind blew, they were drafty, loud, ugly, and leaked. You would never think of sneaking into the boys rooms to crack the window or close it a little, no way, they were way too loud! They were the kind of windows that you had to lay a towel in between the panes to catch all the moisture and mold, gross!
Thank you Dad! He installed all new windows for us in the whole house, yes up and down! They are tinted too! Even though our living room window was recently replaced it had grids which I am not a fan of grids on windows, yes they are decorative but they block your view, and make a room look so much smaller, plus they totally date a home, so it got replaced as well and opens now! I am amazed at the difference in noise too. No missing screens, clean, clear, no rattles, no shaking, no moisture! Ah, the pleasure new windows can bring!
I also removed the awnings, they were awful too, they blocked about 1/3 of the windows facing East. My goal is to paint the whole house, add shutters, and a new roof next summer. If I am really lucky I want to add a front porch, but we will see how next summer goes. We are hoping to move then, and will probably keep this house as a rental. Anyway, I will post pics of my new beautiful windows soon...they bring me such joy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin carving...FUN!

Sean, Dad, Dave and Staci were in town last week, we hadn't carved pumpkins together in at least 10 years so we decided to carve pumpkins one night together. We invited Jess to join in on the fun! My mom had sent Preston and Connor a birthday package with pumpkin carving tools and templates so we each chose one and dived in. I gotta say those sweet looking pumpkins that are themed are much harder to carve then they look. We were at it for at least 2 hours, come of us a little more, some a little less...but yeah all of our arms were ready to fall off by the time we were finished. The little boys just enjoyed watching...they really didn't get excited until FIRE was involved.
Dave and Jess working and concentrating hard....
Preston, Dave, Staci, Sean, and I working was amazing that none of us needed any bandades or stitches with all the knives flying around.
I am rolling up my sleeves to REALLY get into it.
Sean and Preston posing with the Pumpkins...dave was working on a wolverine, when his knife slipped and went through the scene so his has painters tape on it. Preston, Staci, Jess, Sean, and Dave...
They turned out so good, Staci did the joker(top left), Sean did the Grim Reaper(top right) and the classic pumpkin (middle left), Dave did the goofy/scary pumpkin (middle right), Jess did the Honeymooners Frankenstein and his Bride (bottom left), and I did the Spider holding a pumpkin (bottom right). Jim hung with dad and wrangled children so we could finish. We had a great time, it is so fun having Dave and Staci right next door.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

We got it on TAPE

So don't you wish you had the camera rolling when those perfect moments happen. After the moment passes you are bummed that you didn't have your camera or wish you could replicate the moment...well this was one of those times...we caught on tape...

Connor loves POPCORN!!

Well the title says it all! You can't help but burst out laughing watching a 12 month old try
(with both hands) to cram as much popcorn in his mouth as fast as he possibly can. Then he does this cheesy smile at us in pure delight. It is quite impressive the amount he can consume...he definitely out-eats Preston hands down. It has become a very special bedtime snack that Connor gets very excited for.

Preston is did this happen?!

Preston turned 3 this past week and I can't believe how fast he is growing up, it seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital, watched him crawl, learn to walk, watch him run, learn his numbers, colors, and alphabet...where does the time go? Now I finally realize how short this time on earth really is, and I know that before long he will be grown! Preston has always been so tender, gentle, sweet, easy going, just a good boy. He is definitely more aware of those around him and how they feel. He loves other children and has always played so well with them. He is confident, has never had stanger anxiety, or been bothered being left with a babysitter or at nursery. He is much more reserved, cautious, and really observes things before he dives in. He reminds me of my brother David as little boy.Connors birthday is this next week, I know crazy, two boys, two years, and two weeks apart! Connor is walking and you can see the excitement in his eyes as he constantly learns something new. They are good friends and play so well together! Connor wants to be everywhere, doing everything Preston is and does. He thinks Preston is awesome, when Preston is napping watch out Connor does everything he can to wake him up...I usually end up in the backyard so Preston can have some peace and quiet! This past year has been a bit of a challenge for me adjusting to two children and one being a highly demanding child, but it has been a good one. Connor has A LOT of personality, he is very busy, is my dare devil by far, he is fearless. He has no boundaries, he wants to try everything, do everything, anything Preston can do, he thinks he can do, he dives in with no fear. Anyone, any size is his friend, and he tries to play with them all. He is much more intense, strong-willed, free-spirited, and playful. He has a great sense of humor for a 12 month old, and laughs all the time. I am always amazed at what he KNOWS is funny at his age. He is really good at mimicking sounds, clapping his hands for Preston, he loves playing with trucks and trains and making noises for them as he moves them around, "BRRRRRBRRRR". Connor loves the ATV, and DIRT BIKES!!! Preston would get so scared by loud noises, like tractors, bobcats, dirt bikes, not Connor, the louder the bigger his smile and squeals! I feel so blessed to have these two sweet children, they bring so much joy to my life everyday! It's funny how you forget what life was like before them.