Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin carving...FUN!

Sean, Dad, Dave and Staci were in town last week, we hadn't carved pumpkins together in at least 10 years so we decided to carve pumpkins one night together. We invited Jess to join in on the fun! My mom had sent Preston and Connor a birthday package with pumpkin carving tools and templates so we each chose one and dived in. I gotta say those sweet looking pumpkins that are themed are much harder to carve then they look. We were at it for at least 2 hours, come of us a little more, some a little less...but yeah all of our arms were ready to fall off by the time we were finished. The little boys just enjoyed watching...they really didn't get excited until FIRE was involved.
Dave and Jess working and concentrating hard....
Preston, Dave, Staci, Sean, and I working was amazing that none of us needed any bandades or stitches with all the knives flying around.
I am rolling up my sleeves to REALLY get into it.
Sean and Preston posing with the Pumpkins...dave was working on a wolverine, when his knife slipped and went through the scene so his has painters tape on it. Preston, Staci, Jess, Sean, and Dave...
They turned out so good, Staci did the joker(top left), Sean did the Grim Reaper(top right) and the classic pumpkin (middle left), Dave did the goofy/scary pumpkin (middle right), Jess did the Honeymooners Frankenstein and his Bride (bottom left), and I did the Spider holding a pumpkin (bottom right). Jim hung with dad and wrangled children so we could finish. We had a great time, it is so fun having Dave and Staci right next door.

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Wholefamdamly said...

Cute, that is our this weekends activity....Hopefully it will be nice this weekend....Cause I plan on doing it OUTSIDE!!!!! I am not to hip on having 4 kids and pumpkin guts in my house!