Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Windows

I have new vinyl windows! Ok, if you already have vinyl windows then you should count your blessings! We had these horrible straight from the 70's, metal, double paned, awful windows, that rattled and shook when the wind blew, they were drafty, loud, ugly, and leaked. You would never think of sneaking into the boys rooms to crack the window or close it a little, no way, they were way too loud! They were the kind of windows that you had to lay a towel in between the panes to catch all the moisture and mold, gross!
Thank you Dad! He installed all new windows for us in the whole house, yes up and down! They are tinted too! Even though our living room window was recently replaced it had grids which I am not a fan of grids on windows, yes they are decorative but they block your view, and make a room look so much smaller, plus they totally date a home, so it got replaced as well and opens now! I am amazed at the difference in noise too. No missing screens, clean, clear, no rattles, no shaking, no moisture! Ah, the pleasure new windows can bring!
I also removed the awnings, they were awful too, they blocked about 1/3 of the windows facing East. My goal is to paint the whole house, add shutters, and a new roof next summer. If I am really lucky I want to add a front porch, but we will see how next summer goes. We are hoping to move then, and will probably keep this house as a rental. Anyway, I will post pics of my new beautiful windows soon...they bring me such joy!

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