Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sad update

My Uncle received his lab results from his brain surgery to remove a tumor. We had been fearful the results would not be good, but I don't think we were prepared to hear the prognosis. He has stage 4 brain cancer. He has been given 6-18months to live, if he chooses to be treated with chemo he will live closer to 18 months, if not 6. This had been a harsh reality for our family and extended family. My heart aches for him, his children, my aunt, and my grandma who has already lost her youngest son and husband. Our thoughts and prayers are with them daily.

My mother just told me that her father, my Grandpa Mike's cancer has returned. He has a large mass in his chest. He is continuing treatment and returns to town weekly. In hearing this sad news, I am very grateful that we are returning to Portland soon. I want to have as much time with him as I can..and build as many memories with him.

My dear grandfather Haney died from cancer 3 years ago, I have so many wonderful memories with him. My grandma and grandpa Haney are incredible grandparents! I have been so blessed to spend endless days on their farm serving them. My relationship with them and memories are ones I will treasure forever. I have realized as I have lost people dear to me that its not death that I fear and hate...but rather the longing and lose of no longer having them there and missing them terribly. I know one day through the beautiful plan of our heavenly father that we will be reunited as a family...and that knowledge warms my heart on days when the longing is hard to bear.

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