Monday, March 30, 2009

My 1st adjustment

Jim sees the Chiropractor regularly, but I had never been adjusted. After each pregnancy my back feels like a wreck. So I told Jim I would like to get adjusted before my back pain begins...
My 1st appointment was last week, I was really looking forward to it, not only for some relief but also to get a better idea of exactly Jim would be doing as a Chiropractor.
I was shocked at at how much I cracked, popped, and creaked as he moved me this way and that. It felt good, and I didn't even think I was so out of alignment! His goal is to relieve some of my nausea/vomiting, soreness and headaches associated with pregnancy. I thought shoot if I could get any relief even if it in the smallest degree it would be wonderful. I have kept an open and very positive mind.
Today was my 2nd appointment and my headaches have completely ended. Yea! I have 2-3 appointments a week, Dr. White wants to treat me my whole pregnancy. I am excited that this pregnancy I will not have as much lower back pain through adjustments and possibly have some of my nausea alleviated. I will keep you posted.

More good news, Preston is completely potty trained!!!! I know may seem silly, but when its your first time, with your first seems huge! No more diapers, 1 down 1 to go...until the new little babe is here. He has had the "potty" part down for a long time now...we were struggling with having accidents at night in his "overnighter". So we required that he wore "overnighters" until he could wake up and go or keep them dry till morning. We have been successful. He has done a great job, and is so excited to no longer need "overnighters".
Connor of course is excited to do anything Preston does and has already tried using the potty, I think he will be trained sooner. Oh, the simple accomplishments can bring you so much joy with children! ;)

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