Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

We have a family tradition on Conference Weekend of doughnuts and chocolate milk. Jim usually gets up as soon as Preston wakes him at 6:30-7ish and heads to the store with Preston to get our tasty treats. We are not doughnut eaters, so they really are a twice a year treat! I personally am a fan of the cake doughnut and request those for myself, Jim loves the the chocolate cake with chocolate icing...he is the chocolate lover in this house! Preston now that he knows what he wants, always requests lots of sprinkles on any doughnut, but he usually gets the maple bar with sprinkles and he shares with Connor.
We always look forward to Conference and the council and inspiration we will receive. Usually we are able to watch all 4 sessions. Well this year our Realtor scheduled a showing of our house between 10-11am Saturday morning. *Sigh* Luckily we have a DVR! So we spent Saturday morning cleaning up the house and grocery shopping. I spent Saturday afternoon sleeping with the boys to avoid an afternoon of nausea. Jim and Dave went to the Priesthood session, in the meantime I made chocolate chip cookies and Tuna noodle casserole...mmm....sooo grandmothers recipe! It hit the spot, I am very cautious these days about what I eat, it seems MOST things don't sit well.
Connor was very cranky last night, and woke us up at 1:30am crying, calling for "mommy". He is getting his top molars in, gotta love teething! Blah! So after oragel and tylenol, rocking, massaging, and bouncing almost 2 hours later I finally calmed him down enough to take some milk and cuddle with me. At 3:30am Connor was back to sleep and I was exhausted. I am exhausted on a regular basis anyway, ask Jim, if I have a chance I am sleeping! I don't know why this pregnancy I am so tired, but I feel like I have the flu and cannot get rested.
With Connor waking me up every 1/2 hour tossing and turning and then asking to watch cartoons at 6:30, its not a wonder that Sunday morning has been a challenge! Not to mention the boys make it difficult to listen. They usually play really well together, but then there are those days when they are out to make eachother miserable...they just pick and pick on each other. Almost as if they just can't stand to see the other one playing contently and must sabotage them. Yes, this morning is one of those mornings! After being up a hour Jim suggested I go back to bed and get some sleep after my restless night with Connor, I couldn't refuse the offer...ah sleep! At 7:30 I headed back to bed till felt so good, I could have easily have kept sleeping. Everyday I am thankful for Jim and for all his patience, tenderness, and help. Hopefully we will be able to catch Sunday afternoon and have a little quiet time to listen while the boys nap. I know wishful thinking, right?! ;)


Jessie said...

Jon's the chocolate lover in OUR house. I could do without it easily.

I hope your pregnancy gets easier as time passes - being sick and tired for months on end is no fun. So I've heard.

Darcy & Lianna Jensen said...

oh, i can only imagine! i hope the chiro keeps helping too! ps: it was great to see you guys this weekend!!! tell my new boyfriend hi. ;) pss: yr boys are ridiculously cute.