Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An exciting week!

This past week was very busy but full of so much fun! I had my 1st ultrasound, which just confirmed I have a bean in the oven. Another Chiropractic appointment which has helped me so much, regular visits and frequent back massages have helped my nausea. I have had 3 good days of little nausea...I am so excited to be feeling good!! It's something I had almost given up on experiencing! (Please excuse the disorderly pictures, I couldn't get them to move!)

Jim's parents flew in Wednesday night for Jim's graduation ceremonies. So we made breakfast for them Thursday morning and celebrated Jim's dads (Gordon's) Birthday Thursday night. Preston picked a truck cake which took some designing at home to make and Gordon requested Thai food...yum!
Jim walked Friday morning, it was so exciting!!! I am so proud of him! Wow, I can't believe we have both graduated from BYU-I with our Bachelor's!! Elder Neil L. Andersen from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles presided over Commencement and spoke at the Convocation. Henry J. Eyring spoke at Jim's college Commencement he had wonderful and very inspiring words.
We spent the time visiting, shopping at Porters, bear world, cooking, playing outside, watching many favorite Disney movies, and playing with the boys! We had a wonderful visit, and were sad to say goodbye.

So I don't know if you can tell in the Bear World pics, but Preston bonked his head in the bathtub Friday night and had a huge goose-egg right between his eyes. He looked like a character from Star Trek! Poor little guy, the swelling has gone down but he now has two black eyes from the bonk!

This was also Jim's last week working at the office...which he is sad about. He now gets to work from home, which has been a huge blessing for me in preparing to move and needing extra nap time. ;)

We also were surprised to hear Darc and Li were in town, it was so fun to see them and Pearl, she is adorable!!! I wish their visit was longer and that we had more time to play...there is never enough time!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with Easter egg hunting, Easter baskets, and an amazing Easter dinner thanks to Staci and David!!!!! Staci cooked her first Ham from scatch, it turned out perfect and sooo good, I tried to help out with some sides, but she really did it all including a homemade Cheesecake!!! David is one lucky guy! ;) My contribution was pretty minimal with homemade strawberry shortcake, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, and salad. I had greater ideas for my part of Easter dinner but just didn't have the time...ah there is always next year!

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