Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Con-Man

Connor is our animated child, he has a great sense of humor and is very ornery. He reminds me of his uncle Kevin a lot. He usually is the instigator of fights with Preston and has no trouble holding his own. He is tenacious and hilarious. You can show him something once and he's got it. He wants to do everything Preston is doing and is fascinated with the bathroom, and gumballs. He uses his utensils so well for his age, and says two syllable words very well. Bathroom, popcorn, gumballs, are some of his favorites. He can give "5" and knucks, he loves dancing and has really great moves. He recently learned the word "no" and has used it very well in telling me exactly what he won't be doing...ah that is my Connor! ;)

A funny story...We dance a lot in the kitchen while I am making dinner and I kept saying to Preston to shake his money maker. Well later that night after bath time, Preston told Jim he has coins in his bum, Jim looked at me and at first I had no idea what Preston was talking about except that he loves to talk about anything relating to the potty. Then he said its his money maker!! We laughed so things they associate!

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