Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big News...

Well we have been waiting to share some really exciting news...aside from another baby on the way which we are so excited about....this news is even bigger...

Jim got accepted to Chiropractic school in Portland, OR at Western States Chiropractic College!!!!! He starts this Fall semester, and will be working on his Master's in Sports Medicine along with his Doctorate in Chiropractic. We will be moving the end of August! Jim has a passion for Anatomy and the Human Body, I am excited to see him pursue something he loves. Many of you know that he worked for BYU-Idaho as the head Teaching Assistant of Anatomy and Physiology. He is very talented and knowledgeable of the Human body...this is a great opportunity for him!

We had been feeling prompted that Jim needed to continue his education. This was a very hard decision since we have had a wonderful experience with the Robison's at The Legacy Network. Working with the Robisons has been a huge blessing and we have grown to love Jim's co-workers like family. We not only have a working relationship with many of them we also have great friendships, and spend lots of time together outside of work. We are hoping to continue to work for Legacy in Portland. It will be hard to leave Rexburg but we are excited for the future!

Now the hunt for housing, ahh, luckily with the market the way it is there are some amazing deals of homes in some of my favorite locations. Of course our parents want us to stay in their area...which we will probably do. I am a little nervous to leave Rexburg, it has been a wonderful place to live and start a family. I love how safe it is, we have both received our Bachelors from BYU-I here and have raised 2 children. Change is always a good thing and I am looking forward to the road ahead.

We are so very excited...we have lived away from family for 8 years. As some of our family members are aging, battling cancer, and other medical problems we are so grateful to be closer to them, and able to spend more time with them through these times.

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Mindi said...

My best friends husband went to a Chiro school in Portland...they lived in Gresham, loved it. Not sure if it's the same school or not. But I do have another friend over there right now doing the same thing.