Sunday, March 22, 2009


The things I want to remember about Connor at 18 months!

1. Your sense of humor! At 18 months I am constantly amazed at how aware you are of your family and what will make us laugh. You have so many facial expressions, great dance moves, and great ideas for fun!
2. I love that you give me real kisses.
3. The fact that your favorite movie is "Kung Fu Panda" fits you soooo well! He loves to touch your finger to his and say "da doosh"
4. It is so cute to watch you learn from Preston, your like his little shadow trying to figure out how he does everything...I love how smart you are and how eager you are to learn!
5. You catch on very quickly, we will teach you a new animal sound or how to do something once and you got it down!
6. I love that you know to help, I can ask you to get a diaper, your snuggly,sippy, etc., and you run off to find it. You even help clean up your toys!
7. I love that you have your daddy's eye shape, your mommies eye color, and platinum blond hair!
8. At 18 months you have 10 teeth, love to give '5', and knucks. You have a huge vocabulary! You even tell me when your poopy and look for things as little fuzz or as big as your dirty diaper to throw in the garbage You love go down for naps and bedtime with out a sound. You love books and bring us many to read you each day.

I love you Connor! I can't believe how fast you are growing up. Every night after we have put you and Preston to bed and laugh and talk about what joy you both make us laugh everyday! We love you!

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