Friday, February 29, 2008

Some pics of the boys...

Preston is our cheeser! When he sees the camera he just starts cheesing it up...makes for great pics!

Connor 4 1/2 months old, yup he he to inherited the Haney cheeks! He gets totally in shock after the flash, poor little guy. Well he really isn't that little, he weighed in at his 4 month check at 17lbs and 27 inches long. He is eating very well, and loves his rice cereal!

I know Preston will kill me when he is older for posting this pic, but seriously it is sooo cute...the crazy thing is Connor is as wide as Preston, he is seriously a little chunk! They love their baths, and swimming together.

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Jessie said...

I'm so excited that you started a blog (and that I can finally leave comments)! I love the picture of Presto in the cowboy hat. I know you say that he inherited more traits from Jim's family, but I can see a lot of you in him, too.