Friday, March 28, 2008

Keeping it real...heather this is for you!

I think I am a genuine person, what you see is what you get, there is no fake smile, and no bull. I don't like pretending my day is easy, my kids never cry, and some days I don't get a shower until after 8pm.
Often my mom calls to say hi, if there isn't a baby crying she often wonders if she called the right house. As we start our conversation she usually asks me how I am doing and what is new, to which I usually respond, "well I am not having anymore". She always laughs, but I assure her I am not kidding! lol. So on those days, no we aren't having anymore! I used to be one of those women who would go to others moms homes and think what the heck is so hard in keeping your house clean, toys picked up, laundry done, dishes done, house vacuumed, bathroom cleaned, toilet scrubbed, and having your home always ready for guests to stop in...then I had children...and now I know why all those things aren't always done, and aren't even on the priority list. If it doesn't get done before they get up or after they go to bed...well it will have to wait.
This was a really hard thing for me to get used to, then I realized I just can't do it all...I am sure many of you are thinking ok don't exaggerate but add 16-20 renters calling your phone, knocking at your door and endless emails regarding this or that and it does begin to be a very busy day, often completely exhausting day. I will vent about renters another day.
Not to mention I have a 6 month old that is extremely needy, I am talking about always wants to be held, rocked, sang to, hummed to, bounced, entertained, fed, talked to, tickled, interacted with, etc. If one of those things is not happening he is crying and I am not talking about a whine or whimper I am talking full on can't breathe wailing, and don't even consider putting him down to just hang out...yeah right! He has been a lot of work, but so much fun, those days when my house is quiet and connor is quiet...I feel like something is wrong. As he has gotten older he is growing out (cross my fingers) of being so needy, whew so I am finally gaining my sanity back slowly, and venturing out of the house. So this is my day in all its glory...luckily and not to be lovey dovey, but seriously Jim helps me so much, I notice I often look at the clock and count down the hours until he gets home to offer relief, its like playing tag, when he walks through the door he is it. YAHOOOWWWWEEEE!
On those days that are insane...when my baby won't stop crying, and renters won't stop griping about this or that, and my phone won't stop ringing...I just have to breathe and take it one hour at a time...sometimes more...sometimes less...but at least one day at a time! So for those moms out there that think they could lose their mind, go crazy, or seriously need a break soon...I completely understand and its totally normal...just breathe, smile, and think one day I will miss this!

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Wholefamdamly said...

See..... it makes you feel better to vent! HUH! I LOVE TO BLOG! I have gotten a huge response from my blow up blog....I was having a day, as you can tell!

I have that sling for you........ I washed it, put it in a bag, with the moose munch. AND IT IS STILL SITTING THERE. When I go into Rexburg, I stop by and bring it too you. HAve a great weekend!