Friday, March 28, 2008

The Wedding..

k, do you ever look at your wedding pics and think dang i have put on a few pounds, and man i look so young and wow jim looks dang hot no wonder i married him, lol. all of my siblings look totally different and so young, but it is so fun to look at old pics and laugh.

Left to Right:
Sean, Kevin, Me, Nikki, and David

Me and Jackie Glen (mission comp)
Left to Right: Jackie, Sean, (in the back Aaron & Barb Cox, Kathy Jacob)Kim, Kevin and Nikki.

Jim and his dad Gordon



I think out of all the kids Kevin and David have changed the most, they actually look at our wedding pics and tell me how lame they are, they just don't appreciate their youth, yet! Although I do think Kevin has grown about a full foot, yes 12 inches since the wedding, we now call him Shrek. :) David will soon be in his own wedding pics...yup they haven't set the date yet but I am hearing roomers maybe this fall.

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Wholefamdamly said...

You guys are so cute!