Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Families are Forever

We had the great opportunity to go home for David and Staci's wedding last week. We decided to drive to Boise on the 15th and fly from there to Portland. Jim had a work retreat in Sun Valley the 10th-13th which I was invited to but not the boys. Since we don't currently have any family in town to watch them I stayed home. Dave and Staci are moving out here after their honeymoon, I can't wait that means babysitters next door! YAHOOO!!!!
We headed home and the boys did awesome on the drive. It was so good to be back home and be with family. Jim and I have great relationships with each one of my siblings and for that I feel very blessed! I think my brothers were more excited to see Jim than they were to see me! We had lots of fun, Sean took the boys to the Oregon Zoo, which Connor loved! We played at Happy Valley Park at their Water Park, and got to go to the Oregon Coast with Jims family. Jim is an amazing husband, one day he surprised me with where do you want to go shopping today?! What husband is so supportive of shopping??:) He came with Mom and I to help watch the boys, I love Bridgeport Village! Sean met up with us there for lunch at Paradise Bakery which is one of my favs when we are in town. Visiting home has changed so much when you have to consider how to entertain children. It made me really appreciate Rexburg and all the activities for children.

There was so much to do to prepare for Saturday, Dave and Staci did an excellent job planning everything and it all came together beautifully. Jim had the wonderful opportunity to escort Dave through the Temple and be a witness at their Sealing. It was so sweet, tender, and beautiful! How wonderful it was to see two worthy young adults with so much love for each other be sealed in the Lords Holy House. I realize more and more how blessed I am to see the Lord answer our prayers--in blessing our family. We have had our struggles, but to be in the Temple with Dave and Staci, Nikki and Adam, Dustin and Ashley, Mom, and Jim was such a sweet moment. It was the first time we were all together and a truly treasured experience. I couldn't help but keep looking at David and thinking how surreal it seemed, I think my mom was in denial.

The reception was beautiful and held at the Colonial Heights building, which has amazing architecture. Their colors were red and white, they had strawberry shortcake and cheesecake and a great layout of all kinds of salads, fruits and sandwiches! The dance was beautiful, they looked amazing and by the end of the night they truly rode off into the night on the hyabusa (crotch rocket) with her veil blowing in the wind!

The very next day we flew home, we spent the day lounging and watching them open their gifts. The trip went by way too fast! I think Sean and Kevin are flying out here for Thanksgiving with Dave, Staci, Jim and I, which will be so fun! Dave and Staci are in Kauai, they spent 5 days in Oahu in a private cottage right on the shore, then they flew to Kauai for 8 days. I am totally jealous! They have had a blast, I get random texts about how much fun they are having and can't wait to see them on October 11th!

I will post pics later I don't have them yet, long story short, my camera had no battery and everyone else forgot theirs in trying to juggle all the babies while we were in the temple. Sean thank you!!! We wouldn't have gotten to go to the sealing if it wasn't for Sean watching and wrangling all the boys!Oregon Zoo Salmon Exhibit
Me and my boys at the ZooJess and the boys watching the Zebras

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