Monday, June 8, 2009


Some highlights of the last few busy weeks getting settled in:
*I found an amazing OB doctor--for my last C-section I was a little nervous about who was going to leave me with my permanent scar, she will be wonderful!!
*Insurance coverage, seems silly but when you are mid-pregnancy and have to apply for insurance in another state...the process is a little scary.
*I have my ultrasound Wednesday and can't wait to know what we are having whatever it is I will feel so blessed to have them as part of our family, I can't help but want a girl just a little bit!
**Last item about the pregnancy I am no longer nauseated at all, YAHOOO!!!
*Grandma Joclyn got us a year family plus pass to the Zoo, the boys have loved going and it has been a special treat to go anytime. She also surprised us with a new BBQ!
* I LOVE LOVE having Sean here--having my best friend around (besides Jim) makes outings so much more fun!
*We enjoyed a great weekend at Saturday market, with amazing Gyros, (in my opinion the perfect meal), played along the waterfront, watched the dragon boats, and strolled the streets of downtown.
*We have picked up where we left off with BBQ's with friends--I am so thankful to enjoy a great backyard and deck for BBQ and awesome friends.
*Our new ward is interesting, I won't tell you the name for fear of offending people but I feel like we are attending a retirement communities reunion. Sunday school is like a peanut is interesting. I can honestly say I have never witnessed anything like it, amusing.
*I got my 1st new extra large capacity Maytag washer and dryer stacked set I left in Idaho I hated the darn things they did tiny loads, the drums needed serviced often...a total pain.
*I am planting my 1st garden, and flower pots for the front porch. I am excited to see how it does...we always had awesome gardens growing up!


Heather Natzmyrelnam said...

Ok so you like gyros???? Go to mall home depot, and the kids play ground and there is a greek deli there...cant remember the name of it...MY FAVO SPOT EVER...Better than sat. market.... Order a super gyro....Your mind will be blown away...

How is P-town? so jealous I want to go a visit so bad. I want to go to the me a fav. go to the beach for me. Then Tell me what a good time you had!!!!

Sorry I am such a flake and didn't get to see you while you were here. Life has been crazy. give me 5 years...then I wont be so flakey...PROMISE!!!

Heather Natzmyrelnam said...

Your new ward sounds a little like Mt. scott????

Meagan&Chris said...

we want to do a bbq with the thornburgs!!! glad to hear everything is going to well - can't wait to find out what you're having!!