Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boys and their Toys

Both the boys are always completely fascinated by all Grandpa's toys up at his shop--and mostly because its a guy hang out, complete with grease, dirt, tools, and stuff. Preston always talks about going to see Grandpa to get a ride on his orange tractor. Now that we are just down the hill from them we visit daily. Preston asks to see Grandpa from the time his eyes open in the morning till they close at night. He keeps telling me he lives at Grandpa's house. The last visit Preston laid his eyes on a International Scout my dad had been restoring for David. It is a Wine color and beautiful, it was love at first sight for Preston. Of course Grandpa told Preston it was his if he got his Eagle Scout. Preston kept climbing in it, pretending to 4x4 it. The deal he had made with each of his own sons. So now all Preston talks about is working on his Scout in Grandpa's shop, it is really cute. Connor is much more interested in the motorcycles. He goes from one to the next climbing on top and pretending to ride with all the cool sounds motorcycles make. So Sean and I take turns riding Connor around on the dirt bikes. He is always disappointed when the ride is over. It is so fun to be so close that they can enjoy their Grandparents daily!

Surprisingly the boys have not had a hard time adjusting to their new rooms, I kept preparing myself for a fight every night at bedtime, or children up throughout the night. They both have always been dream children at bedtime, going without a peep. They have done great, which has been a huge blessing for me, I need all the sleep I can get these days.

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