Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saying Good-bye

I have been busy attempting packing...packing is a chore in itself but then to try to pack while dealing with severe nausea has been a challenge. I just decided if I am not heaving over the toilet then I better be packing...yeah it has been interesting! While packing its fun to reminisce, mostly I can't believe how much our family has changed and grown in this home. Jim and I moved here and the house seemed so big because it was just him and I, then Preston can and we were introduced to the beautiful and challenging world of parenting. All my dearest memories with my new babies are in this home. As our family has grown the house has seemed to become smaller...and there never seems to be enough space. I have loved my walks to the park all summer long, watching my boys play and grow, beg to ride the carousel, get soaked in the water park, free lunches, and endless laps around the park trying to get that baby weight off. I love seeing the temple from my front door, living on a dead end and having great neighbors. I am so grateful I graduated with my Bachelors and have an awesome education. I am so very grateful for all our wonderful friends that we have made here...many of them have already moved or are currently it really is our turn! ;)
This home has been a wonderful place to start our family...I will miss all the memories that are here in this home. I know I will cry when we leave...but oh my heart is so excited and thrilled to move next week! To build new memories in our new home and start a new chapter in our lives. I feel overwhelming blessed and grateful for my boys and for Jim. We are great together and I love that he is so supportive of me. He is a wonderful, attentive, husband...nothing is better than being married to your best friend!
I am not a pack rat, I enjoy a clean, organized home. I have filled the back of the Yukon with even more things that we can live without. I just can't believe I have packed 50+ boxes and am close but not quite finished. Jim has been in Portland the last few days getting everything in order for our move and my goal was to have us packed less the things we have to use until Friday.
I want to thank everyone that has helped me so much while I have struggled through this pregnancy. Today the boys saw David out mowing our front lawn and of course were so excited...they love the John Deere and they LOVE Dave. So Dave let them climb on and took them to finish mowing, about 45 min later, I hear the mower getting closer and look out the window to see two little boys completely asleep one under each of his arms as he tries to steer the lawn mower to the front door. It was adorable! I ran for my camera but of course the battery is dead, great!

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