Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look out for the F-ing 4's

We were warned, its not the terrible 2's you need to be worried about it was the 3's and definitely the 4's...I think I recall the exact quote was "the F-ing 4's"well I am hear to say the 3's have tested our patience but I am really worried what the 4's will bring!

Preston has always been a dream child, tender, sweet, gentle, really laid back, don't get me wrong he is full of it like any other boy...but not like Connor! Lately he has been talking back, won't come when I call him, is instantly off into something he shouldn't be, and really picking on Connor. I think what happened to my mild mannered boy who has always been easy! Then I think, "Oh crap we are approaching the F-ing 4's". I don't think anything Preston can do will even compare to what we will face with Connor...I am a little-- okay a lot scared! We can put Preston in time-out and he is crying and instantly apologizing to get out. For some reason I just don't think "time-out" will work as well with Connor but only time will tell! I love my Con-man, as feisty and ornery as he is...he is so fun!

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