Friday, May 1, 2009

It's A GIRL...maybe?

This week I had to go into the docs office for 2 liters of fluids, some more anti-nausea medicine, and a shot of B6. As I was waiting I picked up one of the many "pregnancy"magazines that litter the waiting room table. There was this advertisement about a new product called Intelligender, that predicts the sex of the baby as early as 10 wks. I mentioned it to Jim when I got home and he was off to Walgreens to give this test a try. This morning I took the was like taking a pregnancy test...anticipation and a little anxiety. The full 10 minute wait before reading the result seemed to last forever...

The result....IT'S A GIRL!!!!!! Ok, so I know its not 100% accurate (90% is close enough) but they have loads of testimonials. I am just going to have to wait another 6 wks for my ultrasound to confirm...but we have chosen a name (Sophie) and are hoping a little pink is in our future! I am so excited that I want to shout it, YAHOOOOWEEEE!!! :)

Jim's comment...he says he is nervous about having a girl because she will make him do dumb things, and things he may regret! My dad thinks its sweet justice...he laughs and laughs!

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glen. denise. vince. said...

hey alicia. long time huh. so congrats on all the great things that have been happening to your family. new baby! a girl. yeah! jim's graduation and acceptance to that's awesome. i'm sure you guys are so excited to go back to portland. i know your families will love it!
the boys are so cute. gosh time goes by so fast.
i hope all is well. how is your family? your brothers and nikki? i hope all is well. talk to you later.