Friday, May 22, 2009

The BIG move

Well we made was stressful...and I was really sick most of the time...but with lots of help from family and friends we made it to Portland without any problems. Jim ended up driving the U-Haul alone that is a long boring drive, Dad hauled all the Harleys and dirt bikes alone, Mom rode with me to help with the boys, and Sean drove the Ford alone, I felt for the guys because 12 hours is quite boring...especially for Sean without A/C. It was a caravan for sure, we unpacked on Sunday. The "new house" is great and I LOVE the location. My favorite thing is the large deck! We have lived in Idaho for 7 1/2 years, I had forgotten how much I LOVE the smells of Spring in Oregon...the green trees and foliage everywhere and most of all the rolling hills. I just can't wait till I am not prego to really have some fun! To have family so close is awesome, its hard not to feel rushed to visit everyone like we are just visiting. The boys love seeing their grandparents...and ask daily to go visit. I love being near Sean to...its been too long. Jim's parents surprised Jim yesterday with a "welcome back" gift of a new BBQ. We BBQ a lot, we left our wonderful BBQ in Idaho with Dave and Staci, so they could enjoy BBQing with their friends. We are going to build wonderful memories here, I am so excited! I am not nearly finished unpacking...but getting feels so good to be here and I am thankful that we are starting a new chapter in our lives. This fall with be full of changes with Jim starting school and the new addition arriving. I have a feeling this year will fly by...I better blog often!


Chris said...

so glad the move was a success! we miss you guys already.

Chris said...

ps - this is the collective chris writing (as in, meagan and chris). he didn't want anybody to think he wrote that first statement himself, it's too girly :)