Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July

We as many of you I am sure had a busy 4th of July, we started out at the Oregon City farmers markert getting fresh berries, fruits, and vegetables for our BBQ that evening, we enjoyed pool time in the backyard and then met up with my family for a Haney family BBQ before the annual Happy Valley Fireworks.
Jim grilled his famous burgers with grilled zuccini and grilled pineapple, I made a fruit pizza, corn on the cob, and tomato cucumber salad, Grandma Barbara brought her homemade rubbarb cobbler, baked beans and potato salad, Nikki made awesome peach pies and lemon squares...and mom got to enjoy her grandboys!
Sean made an awesome slip n' slide for the kids in the backyard, I wish I had pics of it, he used 25ft of tarp from home depot.
Nikki and Adam bought a lot of fun fireworks for the boys which they loved...Connor stomping out a poop their expressions I am not sure what they thought about this growing, black, coiling, thing
I think they were just amazed in the end that it could grow with fire...they loved the pop-its too

Nikki's awesome pie...
Getting ready for the fireworks...Nikki had just finished cutting my hair!

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