Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting paid off...

The stories of a 3 yr old....

I asked Preston to pick up his toys, he protested strongly with the suggestion that he wasn't going to pick them up and that daddy could. Then he turns to Jim and says, "I will give you a quarter to pick up my blocks". Jim and I just lost it laughing...I asked him where he was going to get this quarter and he replied out of Mommy's coin purse.

Jim came home and noticed one of my large pictures on the living room wall was askew and asked Preston if he had hit Mommy's picture he says, "Connor did it, I swear it wasn't me". Wait what, you swear, I am pretty positive that Connor cannot reach the picture. So after I tell him I don't think there is any way Connor could reach the picture he tells us a huge story about how Connor crawled on top of the vacuum to reach it...hmm...usually he doesn't tell stories, but I had to wonder, what?!

I should really post more of our conversations they are quite amusing.

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