Saturday, January 30, 2010

Samson the T-rex

We decided to take an adventure to OMSI today, I say adventure because going anywhere on the weekend in Portland is an ADVENTURE! Everything is always crazy busy and crowded with super long lines, that is why I usually go weekday mornings and that includes grocery shopping! Luckily Jim is very patient and willing to battle the crowds and lines for a good family day out and I love him for that! We picked up Sean and made it to OMSI by noon. After waiting in line for 15 min we realized that the year membership was a killer deal. Sean and I decided to go in on it together since you got 2 adult passes, up to 8 children, 2 free guest passes with each visit, free daily plantarium shows and 8 passes to OmniMax. We figured he could bring his dates and use it on his own and I could still use it with Jim, Nikki, Ashton, and Grandma. It worked great and we even got a student discount! Of course there was so much to see that we didn't get to it all, but we did see the T-Rex, Submarine, and the Discovery playground. We all had an awesome time, the boys were perfect! Thank you Sean for coming with us! (The pics are a little out of order sorry...sometimes the pic upload just doesn't like me.)

Mommy and Brody (3 months old on Tuesday!)Preston, Connor, and Mommy cuddling!

It didn't take Preston long to figure out that you had to turn the crank to get the water to come out, it was really fun to watch him figure it all out.
The water exhibit in the playground was a huge hit, they even provide clothing covers and crocs so kids don't get their own shoes wet.

They played so well together and with the hoards of other children, some with great manners others with terrible ones.

Preston and Connor loved the balls and watching the air tunnels shoot the balls out

Sean and Connor...

Good-bye OMSI!

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