Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chicks Man

I love animals...its no secret. My parents decided to get chickens, we are working on being more self sufficient. So over the past 3 weeks we have helped build the chicken coop and pick out the chickens. We ended up with more chickens than my mom wanted. It's just so hard not to want them all! We have 6 breeds which include: 6 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Plymouth Rocks, 3 Buff Orphingtons, 3 Black Sex-link, 1 Gold Sex-link, and a pair (Hen and Rooster)of Brahma's. The Brahma's are so cute with the fleathers covering their legs and and feet.
This is Preston's favorite, he asked for a Yellow chick and this is her. He holds her a lot and pets her a lot...I hope she survives...
We still have to roof the coop...the boys are taking advantage of the ladder while its there.

This coop is so cute! You can gather the eggs without going inside the coop!
There is still work to do, but we are getting close.
The roof in progress, if the rain would stop for just a few hours...
We still have to paint it too...if the rain would stop...
I kept forgetting my camera when we would go over to work, so no pics of the chickens when they were all fuzzy, they are losing their fuzz and getting their feathers...it happens really fast!
They are 4 weeks old.
Nesting boxes and perch

So Preston begged Jim last night to take him to see the chicks, it was bedtime and we promised him that we would go tomorrow to see the chicks. Preston whined and complained and begged...but went to bed...and got up at 4 am came and woke us up and told us he was ready to go see Pa-Pa and the chicks! We sent him back to bed, he got up at 6am and was so excited, explaining to us all about the chicks, how they eat, drink, perch, hold their wings...
Connor kissing his chick.
Preston and his chick!

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