Monday, February 21, 2011

It's been way too long..

Ok, so to say my life has been a little busy would be an understatement...but I truly have no excuse for not blogging for over 6 months! I can't believe I missed blogging Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...I am totally ashamed! So I have given myself homework and am commiting to 1 blog a week. I guess adjusting to 3 mobile children was hard...and when the sun is out so am I. I just can't stand not taking advantage of every bit...especially in the summer. The fall always gets busy as my Etsy store orders start pouring in as Christmas approaches. My goal this year was to start doing a few stockings a month so I am not overwhelmed during the far I haven't started them.
Some fun things that we have done or planning on soon.
*We traded our Yukon in on a new 2011 4 Runner, don't get me wrong...I will always LOVE my Yukon but was needing something a bit better on gas and the pocket book while we are students. I still feel blessed to have a new vehicle.
* Jim is starting the Masters program next quarter so that means we will see him less...I really didn't think that was possible!
* Preston loves Preschool and has excelled. He has started adding and substracting and reading. I am worried he may be a bit bored next year in Kindergarten.
* I have started teaching Connor his numbers and letters he loves the one on one time he gets and things "homework" is awesome!
* Brody is a complete joy and makes us laugh everyday...he is a total ham and really puts on a show with or without an audience!
* Valentine's Day was pretty special with 4 boys giving me all kinds of love. Connor told Jim to buy me roses so he could marry me, Preston told me how beautiful I was and how much he liked my outfit, and Jim took me to Jake's and the Melting Pot, surprised me with roses and a wonderful card. It was a great day...
* We planned our trip to Utah for our 8th anniversary and our dear friend Jess's wedding! She is getting married in the SLC temple and I am SO excited!
* With Jim only having days off between terms we try to pack those breaks full so his June break we are heading to Sisters, Or and the Coast. His break in March we haven't planned quite yet because of the cold weather....
* Oh, and my most favorite thing I have done just for me...I indulged in Laser Hair removal! Oh, yes, I am tired of waxing and I started with my legs and can't believe how well it works! So I have kinda got mildly addicted and have done my underarms, and various other areas. I have gone to different spas that use different lasers but my favorite is the cynosure and palomar...amazing results after just 1 session. I have done 2 sessions on all my areas and only have to do touch-up shaving 1 a week. It's amazing and I couldn't be more excited about it! :)

Uh, I gotta run...time to go Birthday shopping...

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