Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Angels

Yesterday was my 32nd Birthday, it was wonderful! Jim made me crepes for breakfast with berries, he bought me LHR packages...which I am sooo excited about, took me shopping for hours, and ended the night with Thai and a massage!
It was a great day, while I was shopping I got a text from an unknown number wishing me a happy birthday...the sender said many other lovely things and I thought who could be texting me such lovely things and I not have their number in my phone. It was Krista Neeley, a previous tenant in our BYU-I housing who had also become a dear friend. As I thought about Krista and how much I miss her I was also reminded of a trying time in my life...

I was pregnant with Brody and as sick as usual...if anyone doesn't know I have not just morning sickness but all day sickness to the point that I have to either be hospitalized or go in regularly for IV fluids due to dehydration...to say I worship the porcelain god my entire pregnancy would be accurate! The more children you have the harder it is to be that sick and care for them. There were days that I was so sick, exhausted, frusterated, needed to clean house, feed children, make dinner, etc and couldn't get off the couch. I would pray for help and strength and as soon as I would finish my prayer Krista would knock on my door. I would tear up everytime and am so grateful for her. I am thankful for her example of listening to the promptings of the Spirit and answering anothers prayers. She not only would take my children but would also bring lovely treats. Her selfless compassion for another in need is a shining example to me of our Saviors love. I was blessed to have Krista in my life and to call her my friend.

Being a manager of BYU-Idaho was a blessing to me, I have become friends with many of our tenants who taught me so much, who served me, loved me and my family, and I am so grateful for. I have watched many of them marry in the temple and have children of their own. I get emails, texts, letters and phone calls thanking me...but I am the one who feels overwhelming joy for having each one of them in my life. Love you girls! :)

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