Sunday, April 27, 2008

Connors 7 months!

It's amazing how each day seems to last forever...then all of a sudden your baby is 7 months old, trying to crawl, and explore the world around him! He weighed in last month for his six month check at 19lbs 10oz and 28 1/2 inches long. Preston thinks Connor is so much cooler now that he is playing with toys, he often runs up to Connor gives him a hug, says "little brother Connor," then rubs Connors head and says, "Connor so soft, be gentle." Its pretty cute. Preston is also saying his own prayers. The other night at dinner Preston's prayer went like this..."heavenly father, bless mommy, daddy, connor, preston, amen." Jim and I tried so hard not to giggle, it was so darn cute. Now when he counts to ten or can name everything in a book, he often says, "preston good job, so smart!" His vocabularly is growing, sometimes we are shocked at what he remembers and puts together...I don't think we realize how smart little children are, and how quickly they pick up on everything around them.

We finally got a different expression out of Connor on camera!

He is getting pretty good with his sippy cup.

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