Friday, April 25, 2008

Preston won that battle

So my question is this...does everyone else's children have a royal meltdown when getting a hair cut??? I can talk Preston into going into the bathroom for a haircut, and get all excited about it, but once I pull out the clippers...the screaming, yelling, and hysteria begins! Today for example I felt motivated to give him a hair cut, he is long overdue...his hair is in his eyes, half way covering his get the idea. Well I strip him down to his diaper, set him on the sink so as I cut his hair it falls in the sink, less to clean up...and all moms know how the hair gets everywhere! No matter what great plan you have to contain the hair it still manages to get everywhere, I swear I feel like I am still cleaning it up days after the haircut. Needless to say I put the attachment on the clippers and proceeded to cut the back first. After 5 minutes I had a sobbing, fighting, screaming, literally freaking out child, so I put him in the bathtub thinking ok, we got to get a grip...this is ridiculous. In the end Preston won, his hysteric screaming, totally freaked out Connor who was sitting in the doorway in his walker...completely content until the battle began. I thought are you kidding me??? I can't give a 2 yr old a haircut?? Well not today, 1 for Preston. So he looks pretty silly...from the back of his ears across from ear to ear is cut, and trimmed everything forward is still insanely long...its like a reverse mullet...oops. Jim guarentees he will finish it tonight, we will see how well he weathers the hysteria! I am betting Preston wins that one too.