Wednesday, May 21, 2008

yet another annoyance

3. This one is really one of my personal peeves...I just think it is so trashy and if you are one of these people that do it...well maybe you should think twice. Saturday afternoon we were invited to a surprise birthday party for a close friend of Jim's. The surprise was held at their apartment and we were asked to arrive 15 min before he was supposed to come home. Well we got there 20 min early, met the other couples that were there, and surveyed the surroundings making sure it was baby proofed. Quickly we notice that one of the other children brought to the party has a snotty, mucus filled, running nose and is coughing all over the toys and other children. GREAT! Thank you for bringing your obviously sick child to the party to infect the rest of us happy healthy people. So Jim gives me the 'look' like what the hell is the problem with people...why come if your kids are sick?!!! The other problem is by the time you realize there is a sicky in the bunch your children have already reached the toys and are screwed. We eventually ended up leaving early after Preston spilled pink punch down the front of him and Jim. I probably wouldn't have mentioned this except yesterday morning both the boys woke up with nasty running noses and a cough...
This is probably one of our biggest peeves, and the reason we have been semi-inactive through the winter. Every time we go to church the kids get sick, so you spend all week getting them well only to have them reinfected with some new strain of death on Sunday...personally I don't think it is worth in the winter we are sacrament only goers. I know its awful but true. WHY? WHY? Why bring your sickly children to church? This isn't a 'you better attend every meeting even if you are on your death bed to get into heaven'...I mean seriously, please stay home! No one wants you there if you are sick! Can you tell I am totally annoyed? lol.
My other annoyance (while I am on the subject of church) is mothers that allow the children to scream and cry in sacrament meeting. I have only found this phenomenon in Utah and Idaho. Where the kids are crying are so loud that you can't hear the speaker. In any other sacrament mothers have the sense to take their children out of sacrament meeting so others can actually enjoy the meeting but not here.

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