Sunday, June 1, 2008

Playing with the Dicks

Our friends the "Dicks" were in town visiting for a few weeks from Kansas City. We had a lot of fun and can't wait till they move back to Rexburg this summer! We played at the Water Park, Nature Park, Carousel, Flight Museum, and BBQ'd. We were at the Flight Museum during a thunder storm when the power went was kinda creepy...especially with the old curator guy looking at us weird!

Playing in our backyard before the BBQ.

Navi Shae, Daygen, Preston, and Daxon posing for the shot, Preston was so mad that he wasn't up front where Navi is, but the pipes were too hot and he wasn't wearing pants.

Prestons first ATV ride at the dunes with Dick.

Dax and Preston tired of walking at Nature Park and exhausted from feeding the ducks(yeah right)! ;)


Dax and Preston playing at the water park.

Preston trying to figure out how to get down without getting wet.

We had cold littles, the clouds kept blocking the sun! They had a lot of fun anyway!

Brittany and Navi

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Jessie said...

Your lawn is so green!!