Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Death of the Rover

Since the roads were horrible in Portland from the amazing amount of snow, Jim drove us to go shopping on Christmas Eve...which resulted in getting run off the road in our Land Rover by a mexican that couldn't speak a word of english, which I think was total BS as a way to get out of being responsible or giving any information, typical. We ended up hitting a huge 12 in curb, barely missed a stop sign, and a Knechts sign to avoid an accident. Our front tire blew out and there seemed to be some other problems that began to be evident as we drove it...great another stress! Luckily this stress turned it Merry Christmas to Alicia!

Christmas day after spending it with Jim's family, we loaded up to head back to my parents home. It was around 8:30pm and the boys were exhausted. Before we got to the end of the street the boys were asleep. So we went on a drive, I suggested cruising Mcloughlin blvd, I main drag in Milwaukie that is abundant with car lots. We had discussed a Yukon as the next vehicle we would like to own, as much as I love Land Rovers, our Disco was just too small. The thought of having another baby meant a bigger vehicle. Jim didn't know it but I directed him to the GMC lot to "just look". As we checked out the Yukons we couldn't believe there was no room behind the 3rd row seats for a stroller, cooler, groceries, gear, luggage, etc. It is the smallest area for a family rig...crap that isn't going to work...next. The denalis were the same thing. Next, came love at first sight!

The Yukon XL was sitting there, Ebony black, black leather interior, built-in dvd, fully loaded with everything you could ever want, or think of, or need, or not need, or know what to do with. It was unlocked, so I climbed inside to check it out. The XL just means there is an additional 18 inches of cargo space, ah...more room! My love affair with this rig started that night! We headed to the dealership the next day-and arrived home just in time for David's surprise party in our new 2008 Yukon XL, we bought the same one that I climbed into the night before. They had white or silver, but come on the black is HOT! I completely look like a typical mormon mom now, huge rig and all...all I gotta say is at least I am not driving a mini-van. I told jim the day would never come that you would catch me driving a van. Yeah, we are lacking a few babes to put all that room to use...but we plan on filling it up...or at least 1 more seat. Thankyou Jim...you are the bestest husband ever!!! He really is amazing, my best friend, I can't believe in 4 months we will have been together for 10 years! There is nothing better than sharing life with someone that loves you, respects you, is your equal, and treats you like you are his everything. We laugh together, play hard together, have fun together, and life is so much sweeter because he is part of it. I love you, Jim!

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