Monday, February 2, 2009

New ideas for Etsy

Since the winters here seem to last forever...I have been trying to brainstorm up some ideas for my Etsy store. My stockings are completely a seasonal item, so I have been trying to come up with some fun ideas that are more year-round items that I can sell. After the stress of the holidays and stockings orders last year, I vowed to make them year-round so I was well prepared come the holidays. Unfortunately I am a little burnt out on stockings and need something else to work on until I can bring myself to look at stockings again. My idea is for baby gift sets, baby shower gifts, or just personalized baby gifts. I have some things in the works and will post pictures as I get them completed...I am hoping they are winners! At least my sewing/crafting keeps me sane during these long snow days. I will post pics this week.


Sarah said...

I hear ya on the "burn out" syndrome. I just realized that I've been doing baby shoes for 2 YEARS now and I've about had it. Actually, I've about had it for quite a while but for some reason I just can't stop!

Your quilting skills could be used in sooo many ways! You could do mini quilts/wall hangings, either for nursery or home decor. You could also do things like door hangers- you know those little stuffed fabric signs that you hang on a door knob to tell people that a baby is sleeping? Anyway, just some ideas. I'm sure you'll come up with something awesome!

The Thornburgs said...

You have to tell me how it goes making shoes with 3, I am a little scared. I hear its just about juggling the time, but exhaustion you can't really juggle, right? Thank you Sarah, you are inspiring, I ALWAYS love your ideas! I will send you some pics of my ideas--you have to honestly tell me what you think before I post them.